I feel like I just need to put this out there!

I’m not gonna lie, for the longest time I thought people from other cultures were really weird. My thoughts exactly were “How could anybody in their right mind possibly do anything like that!?” It took me until my freshman year of college, when I took Anthropology 1001, to realize that not everyone thinks and sees the world in the same way as I do. I know, it was a pretty revolutionary thought, at the time.

And then the idea that kicked over the bucket came in… Not only do people in different cultures see the world differently, but actually, each and every single one of us does. Now, this might seem obvious, but the implications of this are quite extraordinary… This means that every time I’ve gotten mad at someone in the past because I thought they were WRONG, they weren’t ACTUALLY wrong. They were simply not seeing the world MY way. And you know what, there’s NOTHING wrong with that!

I’m bringing this up because I feel like we live in a culture that doesn’t always welcome things or people that are different. Very often, we’re set in our ways and we believe that certain things should always be so. That a man should like a woman. That a woman should like a man. That someone should only be attracted to the opposite sex. That the color of our skin makes us somehow better or worse. That our sexual orientation is somehow wrong or right. That our physical characteristics somehow define what we are or what were capable of. I don’t think that’s the case.

I believe in full self-expression. There’s this guy in one of my classes that paints his nails, much like is common for a woman to. You know what, what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with varying from ordinary? What’s wrong with being EXTRAordinary? I actually look up to that guy. Not because I necessarily see the world in the same way he does, but because he has the courage to express himself in a world that is too often cold and unwelcoming.

I feel like the world has made INCREDIBLE strides thanks to people like Nelson Mandela and MLK and things like the Woman’s movement; they’ve brought around more equality for all. But I DON’T think you should have to feel suppressed before you decide to fully express yourself and who you are!

What IF everyone walked around with their heart on the outside? What if we all wore clothing that was truly representative of who we are, and not just a trend or social influence? What if we accepted people for who they are, without judging them based on their religion, race, skin color, physical characteristics or sexual orientation? What if we looked deep in our beings and got in touch with the fact that at the core, every single one of us is a human being. Every single one of us wants to be loved. And every single one of us is special in their own way.

So I say, it doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is; it doesn’t matter what your gender is; it doesn’t matter if you like boys, girls or both; it doesn’t matter if you choose to do something that’s different that’s not the norm; however “different” you may feel, it doesn’t matter: YOU are LOVED.

There is enough LOVE within each and every one of us, for us to be accepting to one another and welcoming of each others’ differences. Let’s make away with negative judgments and start complimenting each other for the things that make us so unique!

We are the future of this planet. Let’s create a world where we can be ourselves, be fully self-expressed and live free of judgment!!!

Peace and Love To All ☮♥

Sending My Love Out To Whoever Needs It

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  1. Hi Mike,

    This is Jason from yesterday, hope all is well my friend! This article really resonated, and I have to say even in meeting you for the short time I did, I could tell you live every word you write.

    “I actually look up to that guy. Not because I necessarily see the world in the same way he does, but because he has the courage to express himself in a world that is too often cold and unwelcoming.”

    This made me reflect a lot. I think a lot of us hold these mental shortcuts that cause us to judge a book by it’s cover. In all honesty, I was literally shocked to see how down to earth you were. I definitely held a preconceived notion that dresses nice = cocky, fake dude.” Which obviously is not the case!

    Hoping to get together with you again brotha. All the best.


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