~ Being Fearless ~

Take a few minutes to read this; you won’t regret it.

Ever since I became a dating/relationship coach there’s a lot of different things that I’ve learned, but there’s one thing that really sticks out for me. Whether you’re trying to get a date, to start your own business, get a new job or really just about anything else, I feel like this is completely essential…

The willingness to be yourself and be yourself fully. The willingness to take intelligent risks and be fearless in the face of failure. Guess what… If you go up to that hot guy or girl you see on the street or at the bar, sure, they might completely blow you off. Or, if you want to start pursuing your passion, sure, there might be a chance that you will completely fail. Whatever else it is that you want to accomplish, it really doesn’t matter, the point is the same, you COULD fail.

You may go up to that hot guy/girl and s/he might reject you, but I would argue this… it’s just as likely that the two of you will have a great conversation, and who knows where it could go past that? And that passion that you’ve always had deep inside you, for that project or job that you’ve always wanted to pursue… Sure you could fail at it, but how do you KNOW you won’t be completely SUCCESSFUL at it!? The point is, that you DON’T!!!

You won’t EVER know how successful you will be at something until you TRY. And when you TRY, guess what, there’s a chance you will FAIL. And here’s the kicker, if you don’t ever TRY, it’s just like admitting to yourself that you’ve ALREADY FAILED!

So, I say, we’re better off changing our relationship to failure. To have a life, that’s completely amazing, unbelievably awesome, mind-blowing, incredible and everything that we’ve ever dreamed of… WELCOME FAILURE into your life… BUILD the COURAGE… TAKE the CHANCES… YOUR life CAN become EVERYTHING you’ve ALWAYS WANTED it to BE!

YOU CAN have the JOB you’re always WANTED.
YOU CAN live in the HOME you’ve always IMAGINED.
YOU CAN live a life where you feel BLESSED to be alive every single day, because EVERYTHING in your life is bring you CLOSER to FULFILLING on your DREAMS!

YOU CAN!… and YOU WILL FAIL at times. That’s inevitable. ANYONE who has ever done ANYTHING worthwhile has always failed tons of times before succeeding: It took Edison over 10 THOUSAND attempts to figure out how to make a light bulb work! Imagine if he gave up after the first 9,000 times he’d FAILED! Imagine how different our world would be right now!

Failing at something doesn’t mean anything about you and who you are. All it means is that you had what it took to get out there and stand for becoming the person that you always wanted to be.

From today forward, take 100% responsibility for your life; decide what you want and what you don’t want. DON’T SETTLE for LESS. You DESERVE EVERYTHING that you have EVER wanted; EVERYTHING you’ve always DREAMED of. You CAN achieve it. You CAN do it. There is NOTHING AT ALL stopping you–really stopping you–other than YOURSELF…

Now do note that I said take INTELLIGENT risks. Jumping in the middle of the street while there are cars running IS very risky but will not get you anything, except for maybe a trip to the hospital. Take risks in the things that actually have no REAL risk associated with them. The things that we just perceive as risky because there is some UNKNOWN. Trust me, there’s no REAL risk in you going up to that hot guy and introducing yourself. There’s no REAL risk in you asking a cute girl for her phone number. There’s no REAL risk in applying for or auditioning for that job that you’ve always wanted. Sure, you might be scared of it. Why? Because there’s a chance you could fail.

But guess WHAT… If you’ve EMBRACED failure into your LIFE and you’ve seen that each and every one of your FAILURES has led to a valuable LESSON that has contributed to your future, all of a sudden you’ve become completely UNSHAKABLE by any failures. You will be going through life CONSTANTLY going for what you want; any failure won’t even PHASE YOU! What you’ll find is that, more times than you might think, once you GO FOR IT, you’re actually going to GET what you WANTED…

It’s not always going to be easy, and I’m not saying that you will succeed after failing once. But so long as you keep at it, you keep trying and so long as you NEVER GIVE UP on YOURSELF or on YOUR DREAMS, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

Probably the MOST important thing I’ve realized through all of this is to be yourself. #BeYouBeTrue.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should YOU EVER feel that you NEED TO BE someone else in order to please someone or society. Who YOU are is COMPLETELY AWESOME and COMPLETELY AMAZING! YOU are an amazing GIFT to the planet and YOU have something super-unique to offer that can only come from YOU. Who you are, at your deepest core is perfectly OK, perfectly beautiful and perfectly perfect. Be true to who you are. Live your life by your own rules. Be YOU in EVERY situation. And if people can’t deal with that, it’s on them! Don’t EVER change your LIFE or your DREAMS or your ASPIRATIONS just because you feel that you need to please somebody else or conform to a larger group.

YOU are YOU and YOU are COMPLETELY AWESOME, my friend.


Remember… “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather, it’s the willingness to act in the face of fear.”

Now it’s time to go out there and blow the roof off of life!


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